Oslo Landscapes – Ode To Trees

These images feature trees.


4 thoughts on “Oslo Landscapes – Ode To Trees

  1. This gallery is stunning, I found you on Instagram as well. Can I suggest something (and you can feel free to disregard this) in the little segment that has a blurb about your camera, where you have your Instagram information, I would consider making that a link to your Instagram account. Just a thought, Cheers, Amy


    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment!! I will look into linking things up (my theme is somewhat limited with bells and whistles and I am inexperienced in web-page building but I’d expect I should be able to do this). Have a great weekend!!

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      1. So, it looks like the best way with this theme would be to have a “Social Menu”. Directions for that are about midway through this page: https://wordpress.com/theme/cubic It does look like you would possibly have to drop the blurb you have written about yourself. I’m wondering if you could add that blurb into the dropdown menu you have in the top right of the page? Although maybe this does allow for both of those things.
        Whatever you decide to do, this is a very nice looking blog. Feel free to ignore my suggestions, I will not be offended.


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