Norwegian Landscapes – Geology & Fjord in Vollen

On the west side, outside the Oslo city limits, are a number of lovely places on the water where one can view both the fjord and some extreme geology. The rocks jutting out in Vollen are tilted to an almost 90 degree angle in some cases and rock faces contain a colorful array of minerals. These are images from a walk along the coast of the Oslo fjord in Vollen, Norway.

Interesting geology dominates the coast in Vollen
Blue and orange colors on a large face of rock
A lone male mallard bobs along the shore
Dramatic rock layers along the Oslo fjord
A small lighthouse at the end of a rock jetty, with a view of Oslo in the background
A striped bit of rock face
Rocks dot the water near the shore and a ski slope in western Oslo is seen in the mountains in the background
A rocky shore and a small island are topped by cloud puffs
Another example of tilted rock layers on the shore with central Oslo seen in the left background
A boat sits at the pier and two couples of eider ducks float in the wind-tossed water
Iron colors dominate this rock face

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