Oslo – Urban Landscapes

Here are some images of and around central Oslo that are “landscapes” containing urban elements.

Looking over the soccer fields of Ekebergsletta to the Oslo ski jump last winter
Looking down Revierstredet in central Oslo
A view down to Sørenga (near side), the sculpture She Lies (in the fjord) and beyond to Havnelageret with the sauna boat docked on the far side
Sea birds hanging out in the murky green waters where Akerselva meets the Oslo fjord near Operagata
The ski jump can be seen in the fog up on the mountain and the top of the Barcode can be seen in central Oslo
Love locks on a bridge over Akerselva in Grunerløkka
A duo of bicycles wait for their owners with a view of central Oslo and the fjord
A view of the new Munch Museum called Lambda (on the left) and all of the construction in Bjørvika as seen from Sørenga a couple of months ago
Waterfalling amongs the alphabet where Akerselva meets the fjord (near the Operaen)
I always think about the Depeche Mode Violator album for some reason every time I see the “D” and “M” on those ugly air vent columns. You can see the new Munch Museum being clad behind those (some months ago)

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