Nature and Fungi – A Walk Around Oppegårdstjernet

In the recent spring, we took a walk around Oppegårdstjernet, a lake on the outskirts of the little coastal town of Drøbak. I was surprised to see a variety of fungi – mostly because I feel like I have typically come upon mushrooms and other fungal varieties in fall rather than spring – but that is up for debate. In any case, here are some interesting and colorful specimens from our walk.

Two fungi on the trunk of a young tree
This bright fungi is growing out of lichen-covered bark
This large fungi is growing on a dead tree trunk
It seems something has taken a taste of this unusual fungi
A view across the lake under a blanket of cloud cover
This group of fungus was a bit thinner and “feathery”
This teeny tiny fungus is almost dwarfed by the lichen growing on this tree
This duo of fungi was beautifully colored and surrounded by thick moss and lichen
While not as brilliant, I liked the muted colors of this specimen.

3 thoughts on “Nature and Fungi – A Walk Around Oppegårdstjernet

    1. I really do not know much about mushroom or multicellular fungi. But most of these type I have noticed seem to be on living trees (and have no clue whether they are detrimental or not).


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