Urban River Walk – Drammen, Norway

The small city of Drammen is less than an hour south of Oslo. Drammenselva, the river which runs through the city and out to the Drammensfjord – and finally to the outer Oslo Fjord – is a lovely place for a stroll. Of the bridges spanning the river, I found the modern Ypsilon Bru to be my favorite.

This reflective sphere, besides being an art installation, is a “riverharp”. The sounds of the river are amplified and delivered to the listener.
A close view of the Ypsilon bridge
Red chairs rest up for their lively evening ahead
Looking up at the suspension cables of the bridge
Shhh, do not disturb. Someone is having a relaxing sunbathe.
Not many yet, but there is a modest group of love locks on the bridge
A sculptural fountain next to the river is also spherically shaped.
Pedestrians on the Ypsilon bridge
Another look at the pillars holding the suspension cables of the bridge – heavy lifting
A parked train at the Drammen train station
A view of Ypsilon from downriver
The twin of the riverharp sits on the opposite side of the river

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