Norwegian Travels – Stops on our Way to Trondheim

This past summer, we took a road trip to Trondheim and the coast of Norway in Nordmøre and stopped a few places along the way, including the sleepy town of Elverum, a rest stop on Highway 3 that claims to have the biggest moose in the world, the old copper-mining town of Røros, Norway’s version of the Grand Canyon called Jutulhogget, and a picturesque stop in the countryside somewhere outside of Trondheim.


Reflections on the Glomma River from the Nybrua bridge in Elverum
Stor Elgen: world’s largest, and shiny too
Jutulhogget: a large canyon, but not necessarily grand
A view of the canyon’s edges
The iconic church tower in Røros (needing repair)
A fall on the river running next to the old Røros Copper Works, now a museum
A tourist on the top of a slag heap
The way to enter part of the Røros Museet
A random red phone booth camouflaged by its surroundings in Røros
Rolling, green hills not so far outside of Trondheim


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