Norwegian Travels – Stops on Two National Tourist Routes & Innerdalen

After our week on the west coast of Norway this past summer, we headed home to Oslo. We drove along one of the National Tourist Routes that goes from Kårvåg (near Kristiansund) to Bud, which includes the tourist magnent The Atlantic Ocean Road. Next, we had a hike in a lovely valley (on an unseasonably hot day by Norwegian standards) called Innerdalen. Finally, we travelled and stopped along another of the National Tourist Routes, highway 27 in Rondane along the Blue Mountains from Folldal to Muen.

Looking towards Kristiansund from the ferry
The sister ferry to ours, heading the other direction
The Atllanterhavsvegen roadway from a stop at Eldhusøya
Happy cows and a lighthouse at Askevågen
A look at the pretty harbor and interestingly-shaped mountains at Askevågen
An anemic glacier seen from Innerdalen
A waterfall trickles down into Innerdalen
Majestic mountains jut up from the valley of Innerdalen
A view of the lake, Innerdalsvatna
A little swimming hole had a number of little waterfalls…
A wooden building with turf roof
Looking down to the neighboring valley we began our hike from
We stopped at Sohlbergplassen, a viewpoint over Atnsjøen
The view at Sohlbergplassen was lovely
A series of waterfalls

3 thoughts on “Norwegian Travels – Stops on Two National Tourist Routes & Innerdalen

  1. Wow, your photos look absolutely amazing and so does Norway – is there anything more beautiful than never ending mountain peaks to marvel at? Norway is such a beautiful place to explore, can’t believe I never made an effort to visit while living in Latvia. Thanks for sharing and safe travels 😀 Aiva

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