Norwegian Travels – Aurlandsfjord & the Stegastein Viewpoint

Last fall, we drove on one of the National Tourist Routes in Norway and stopped at the Stegastien Viewpoint, which gives a breathtaking view of the Aurlandsfjord from 650 meters above the little village of Aurlandsvangen. We also stopped at another pullout, Vetleli, to enjoy a different view.

Heading from the parking lot to the Stegastein viewpoint
A view to the north of the Aurlandsfjord in the afternoon
From another viewpoint (in this case just a roadside pullout) at Veteli we could see the water of Vassbygdevatnet
This simple wooden and stone building was sitting in the other direction from the Stegastein viewpoint
The Veteli pullout was right near the large power lines that take hydro energy off to be utilized
We could look way down to the little village of Aurlandsvangen from 650 meters up on the Stegastein viewpoint
Looking to green farms on the far side of Vassbygdevatnet from the Vetleli pullout
The Stegastein viewpoint is constructed of steel and laminated pine and is 30 meters long and 4 meters wide

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