Skies in Norway – NEOWISE

In the days around July 23rd, when the comet NEOWISE was to be at its closest to Earth, we were staying at the southern tip of Norway. As we were fortunate to have mostly clear weather, I tried my best to capture the comet in our still “summer light” skies at around 1-2am. The sky was still too light to see NEOWISE with my naked eyes, but I was able to locate it in relation to the big dipper with my camera. I have no previous experience with any sort of astrophotography, so please excuse the quality of my images. I was just so happy to have captured this phenomenon.

My first night, I tried to set up to see NEOWISE over water…..
….and finally figured out which direction to find it and that I needed my camera to “see” it.
Later that evening, I found it up outside the hytte we stayed in and captured it through some clouds.
A second night I looked again over the trees….
….before our Earth’s revolution hid it away.
The last evening, I saw a little pine tree that I wanted to include…
…and ended the night zooming in a little closer.



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