Nature – Animals in Norway

Here are some images of various animals seen recently around Norway.

This highland cow gazes at the sea in southern Norway near Lisa Fyr
Our Muscovy duck Braggadocious grooms after a bath
A cat with an attitude in a small village south of Oslo
A watchful gull at Katten strand in suburban Oslo
A sheep in the grass near Kvåsfossen in southern Norway
A white cat yawn as it wakes from its “catnap” in Skjernøya in southern Norway
An orange butterfly takes a drink in Vest-Agder, Norway
The long blue-black hair on this cow blows in the sea breeze near Lista Fyr
This young duck paddles around in Klaretjern – supposedly the clearest lake in Norway due to the aluminum content and low pH
A friendly horse and its shadow in Hvaler
A good dog helps navigate the Oslo fjord near Ingierstrand beach
Our Bichon Frise waits for his fav person in the world in Hvaler
A “hard stare” from this sheep near Kvåsfossen
A gull backed by angry clouds at a beach in Oslo
This cat on a red fence has its eye on my furry companion as we walked in an Oslo neighborhood
This swan family visited us often when we stayed in Farsund
A last look at one of the wind-blown cows near the sea at Lista Fyr

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