Norwegian Nature – Trees

Trees in various states of undress throughout the year in Oslo and around Norway.

Yellow leaves and bare branches against a teal sky
A pine tree in spring against high, cold clouds
Sweeping bare branches of two neighbouring trees
Bare branches can be colorful too
These tree’s gnarled branches stood out amongst its neighbors’ tall trunks
A tree in late fall is backlit by early evening light over the fjord
This huge oak tree is always interesting to look at, no matter the time of year
Some trees go bare more quickly than others in autumn
I was arrested by these moss-covered limbs, devoid of leaves
A lone birch tree shows off its autumnal colors on a crisp, cloudy day
Frosty, bare trees line a snow-covered athletic field
There’s drama in this tree’s branches
A moss-covered tree trunk and twisted lower branches demanded attention
An army of tall, thin pines grows along the edge of a lake
Bare branches reach out to the sky in winter
I wonder what formed the large cavity in the trunk of this chestnut tree
The final light of a winter’s afternoon lights up these bare trees

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