Oslo Landscapes – Cloudy Fjord Views

Shown here are a variety of views of the Oslo fjord, each taken on a day with various degrees of cloud-cover.

A diving platform, seen from Hvervenbukta strand, on a misty morning
Ulvøya (Wolf Island) seen from above
Looking across the fjord from Hvervenbukta strand on a crisp, windy day
A frozen rowboat is beached next to the icy fjord
Looking down on our neighborhood beach, Katten strand, on a fall day
Highway E18, which has a lovely view of the Oslo fjord, is devoid of traffic
A morning sunrise colors the clouds, and their reflection, purplish-blue
Clear skies near evolve into rain storms in the distance over central Oslo
A long exposure results in smooth water around the islands in the Oslo fjord
A buoy is frozen in the Oslo fjord on an icy, winter day
Cloud wisps hang over the angry, grey fjord on a fall day
A flock of birds fly just under a cloud layer blanketing the fjord
An historic building leans over the fjord at Hvervenbukta strand
An alternate view of our neighborhood beach, Katten Strand
The frozen fjord is bracketed by icy fir trees and tall, dried grass
Purple-hued clouds are reflected in still water of the fjord
A view of Padda, the little island central to the spokes of this marina
A triple-level diving platform juts out into the icy fjord

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