Norway – Views around Farsund

We spent a week on the south coast in Farsund, Norway this past summer and explored the area near and far.

Looking down to a little red “Turistforening” house called Svensvika
Sandy ridges formed from the stiff wind at Lomestranda
Boulders and grass at the coast near Lista Fyr
Wandering in the picturesque village of Loshavn
Foamy surf and a line of black rocks at Haviksanden
Puffy grey clouds over a hill of pines near Loshavn
Houses and buoys further west at a village called Stornes
Strong winds sprayed the ocean water against the rocks at Lomsestranda
Unblemished ripples in the sand of Havikstranda
Orange water (?) and large rocks near Lista Fyr
A weathered red barn on rocky foundations in the countryside of Lyngdal
The strong winds and curve of the beach has led to the accumulation of thick, dried seaweed on this stretch of Haviksanden
Clouds, rain showers and a building on a balding hill seen from Loshavn
A few hytte on the water below striped mountains in Stornes
Textured sand, textured water on a windy day at Lomsestranda
A wooden boat in the sparkly water at Loshavn
Heading down towards Svendsvika for a closer view of the water
Tall, fruiting grass blows near the beach at Lomsestranda
Rocky islets

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