Oslo Landscapes – Night Views

Now that the days are shorter and darkness is settling in, here are some views of Oslo over the fjord when night was but a blink of an eye in midsummer.

At nearly 1am, there is still light in the northern sky above central Oslo
The red light on the antennae above Holmenkollen is reflected on the fjord
Lights from the port area shine between some of the island in the fjord (and the twin towers of the Rådhuset are illuminated on the left)
Lights twinkle on the west side of Oslo
A wider view: central Oslo to the left, lights from eastern suburbs reflecting on the water, and noctilucent clouds lit up over Ekeberg ridge
A close look at the noctilucent clouds
This was taken at a different time than the others – find the lit-up ski jump

3 thoughts on “Oslo Landscapes – Night Views

    1. Definitely! I haven’t done much shooting at night but I was out trying to find Neowise back in July. Instead, I had lovely views of city lights, interesting clouds and the fjord. Thanks so much for your positive feedback! 😊

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