Views of Norway – Boats and Bridges

Here is a somewhat random collection of images featuring either boats or bridges in locations around Norway.

A simple wooden boat moored in a bay green with algae on the coast near the town of Mandal
Some small motor boats float outside a row of boat garages on the southern coast of Norway
A creaky-looking wooden footbridge crosses the river flowing from the Bondhusbreen glacier in southwestern Norway
A cute yellow fishing boat sits outside a golden yellow house on the Mannefjorden sound at Farestad, outside of Mandal, Norway
Three different boats motor by at Tåneset in southern Norway
The modern Svinesund bridge connects Norway to Sweden near Halden
A sailboat on turquoise water cruising by Tåneset in southern Norway
A silver boat is randomly parked (near a mountain lake) in the wilderness above the treeline near Røldal
A wooden footbridge connects rocky islands to the mainland at Kålviksholmen on the southeastern coast
A set of sails seen from the island of Asmaløy in Hvaler, Norway
A boat is moored in the small coastal village of Sand, Norway
A bridge, Sandsfjordbrua, leads directly into a tunnel on highway 520 in southwestern Norway
Boats are buffeted by the wind in the turquoise waters of the glacial lake Bondhusvatnet

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