Norwegian Views – Røldal

We spent our fall break staying in a cabin up the mountain from the small Norwegian town of Røldal. Here are some images taken in the immediate area.

Mist embracing a nearby mountain peak
A turf-roofed cabin near the one we rented
Our twilight view down towards Røldal and the lake Røldalsvatnet
The trees had begun to turn and most were yellow or orange
Looking south, one could see the higher mountains with patches of snow
We wondered what this “window” in a neighboring peak was and presumed it was affiliated with the power lines going up the mountain (?)
Our morning view down toward Røldal and Røldalsvatnet (over power lines)
There was a random bus stop among the cabins – with a bench to boot!
A final look at a the neighboring mountain peak with fall colors and misty clouds

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