Norwegian Wilderness near Røldal – A Walk High Above the Tree Line

This past fall, we drove from Røldal, where we were staying, south on a National Tourist Road (Fv 520) that heads towards Sauda. In an area closer to Røldal, we turned from the winding, 2-lane highway and headed west down a poorly-maintained dirt “road”. We parked and hiked towards a lake called Nedre Sandvatnet that had a small dam at the south end. Here are some images from our walk.

Craggy rock faces reflect in a small lake off the National Tourist Road
A small bit of pooled water reflects the overcast sky as we began our walk
We were above the tree line so it was rocks, dwarf shrubs growing on the tundra and patches of snow
It was quite windy so the surface of Nedre Sandvatnet was rippled – and you can see a small waterfall heading down the far bank
A view of the dam from the lake side
We could walk over the top of the dam on this concrete walkway
As we walked over the dam we could see the water output
And the water output flowed through a small canyon into the small lake seen here
A view of the dam from the far side
The view over the dam as we crossed back to head towards where we parked (much further away than the cars seen in the photo)
Here was an interesting rock formation – the rocks covered in lichen
A last look at the craggy mountains as we drove back towards Røldal

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