Norwegian Views – Glaciers

Back in October, we were in the mountains of Hardangervidda for a week. Among other natural wonders, we walked and visited two different arms of the large Folgefonna glacier. One arm is visible from the valley Buerdalen and is called Buerbreen and we hiked towards this glacier on a very wet, rainy day but were able to see it more clearly another day from further away. The other arm we approached by hiking up the valley Sunndal and is called Bondhusbreen. That hike was on a strangely warm (for October) and very windy day.

This partial view of the Bondhusbreen glacier was seen on our way up the valley under moving clouds and intense sunshine
Below the Bondhusbreen glacier is a turquoise lake, Bondhusvatnet, that was being buffeted by the strong wind
A last partial view of Bondhusbreen peeking out in front of a low, October sun
This was a dark, grey view of Buerbreen glacier from across lake Sandvevatnet, whose turquoise waters were obscured by a layer of fog
We hiked up the Buerdalen valley on a rainy, cloudy day for a better look at Buerbreen glacier
A zoomed in look at the blue of the glacier ice under clouds and fog
A view of Buerbreen glacier from a different perspective
Another day, we had a clearer view of both the Buerbreen glacier as well as the lake Sandvevatnet
A closer view of the ice flow of Buerbreen glacier

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