Norwegian Landscapes – Last Look Around Hardangervidda

I have some last, random images that I wanted to post from our week up in the Hardangervidda area of Norway last October.

The fall colors of a treeless alpine valley (with a building with the word Geitost on the roof across the lake)
Fog and mist obscure the afternoon sun
On a very, very windy day, we stopped to look at the water as we drove along a National Touristroad route between Røldal and Sauda
Conquering a rock on a rainy day in the valley leading up to Buerbreen
A look at some of the cairns stacked along the glacial river flowing from Buerbreen
Looking past the cairns down the Buerdalen valley towards a farm
A tiny waterfall in a gorge in Brattlandsdalen
A waterfall entering the glacial lake Bondhusvatnet (zooming in reveals a bridge crossing the falls)
View from a ferry across one of the fjords in the region
The small village of Sand seen from a “public restroom” across the water
We caught a rainbow emanating from Øvra Lonavatnet, south of Røldal

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