Norwegian Views – Clouds

White clouds, dark clouds, puffy clouds, misty clouds, dramatic clouds, billowing clouds, encroaching clouds, strange clouds – you get the idea. Here are some images taken around Norway that feature clouds.

Big, puffy clouds catching a bit of late afternoon light, seen from our house in Oslo
Clouds letting in rays of sunlight above the tree line in Hardangervidda
Clouds moving fast between mountain peaks in Røldal
Various cloud types above houses on a ridge, seen from a window in our house in Oslo
Morning clouds over Røldalsvatnet
A dark, grey day in the mountains of Hardanger
Some “wave like” clouds seen on a walk in our neighborhood in Oslo (called Kelvin-Helmholtz, shear-gravity or billow clouds)
Misty clouds rising from the valley in Røldal
Dark clouds over the west side of Oslo migrate over the fjord
More moving clouds over the fall colors in Røldal
The sun breaks through the morning clouds and mist, looking the other direction over Røldalsvatnet
Clouds start to encroach upon turf-roofed cabins in the mountains of Røldal
A narrow band of mist hovers over the lake near the Buerbreen glacier – very Nordic noir
A few wispy, low clouds – as well as higher puffy clouds – reflect in the water of Røldalsvatnet
Small puffy clouds drift over the wind-blown waters of Skånevikfjorden
Clouds surround this mountain peak near Røldal
Light beams down onto lichen-covered rock near Sauda
An extended view of billowing clouds gathering near our house in Oslo

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