Winter Views – Mylla, Alnsjøen & Søndre Aas Gård

I wanted to finally post some “winter views”. Here are images from three different wintery locations in Norway: (1) an hour north of Oslo in a place called Mylla where we had to drive to find snow back in December; (2) around Alnsjøen lake in north Oslo; and (3) a local farm in southeast Oslo called Søndre Aas Gård. Our winter weather did not arrive this year until January, which was unusual.

Mylla – 23 Dec 2020

Reflections in a small reservoir near where we parked
A funny bit of cloud touched by morning, winter sunlight
One tree towers over the others
The sun begins to peak over the tree-covered hill
Sky and clouds and snow-covered trees
A snowy car makes its way down a snowy road

Alnsjøen Lake – 3 Jan 2021

The sun hits the snow-covered trees across the frozen lake
Tree trunks
A view of the dam on the far side of the lake
Making our way through the snow and trees
Another peek at the dam across the lake
The low winter sun shines through the trees

Søndre Aas Gård – 15 Jan 2021

(This image was taken in late November 2020, when we only had a bit of frost covering the grass and fencing)
A bit of snow and ice finally produces some white fields
Some steamy output from a nearby smoke stack
Looking into the sun, a welcome sight on a cold January day

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