Oslo Views – Find the Moon

I have collected some images around Oslo featuring the moon (be it full, crescent or somewhere in-between) at various times of the day.

A full moon beginning to set over the islands in the Oslo fjord
A full moon amongst the tree branches and morning colors
A waning gibbous moon with high clouds over the port of Oslo
Just clouds and moon
A full moon shining through the pink clouds over a suburban road
A third quarter moon high over some dark clouds beginning to cover the fjord
A thin, waxing crescent through a small gap in the treetops
A full moon just above a puff of clouds during sunrise
Crescent at sunset (competing light sources)
Big fat moon over a(n ugly) grocery store in the suburbs
In my imagination, the tree is holding out a cloud-blurred moon as a gift
The sun has almost risen (behind) and the full moon has almost set
A full moon rises over trees on a hill in my neighborhood

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