Norwegian Sights – Doors & Doorways

I have been collecting images of doors, here and there around Norway, and I thought I would finally post them.

Double grey doors in the arched, grey stone of Nidarosdomen in Trondheim
Teal doors in a yellow and white building in the Gamlebyen neighborhood of Oslo
Some graffiti, limited to these formerly blue doors, also in Gamlebyen
Chevrons on one of the doors of the Røros church
The fancy hinges and spiderweb enclosures complete the look of these bright red barn doors in Søndre Jeløy, Moss
Scallops and studs, with a round door pull are seen on this door (this one I think was actually in Svendborg, Denmark)
An entrance seen in the Royal family’s summer “palace”, Stiftsgården, in Trondheim
The splotch of red caught my attention on this tagged door in an old building near Middelaldersparken in Oslo
The facade around the double grey doors on Skppergata in Oslo caught my attention
Lion door pulls (I can’t remember where I saw these)
A weather-worn door in the tower of the Lista Fyr lighthouse
Worn but fancy red doors
One door is ajar at another entrance of Røros church
An entrance with a very plain, metal door in Oslo is made fancy with the addition of a humming bird
Cool lightning bolts adorn a door to an outbuilding for an old hydroelectric power station, Hammeren Kraftstasjon, in northern Oslo
A very fancy red door in Nidarosdomen in Trondheim

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