Oslo Views – Snow & Ice Along Ljanselva

There is a small river, Ljanselva, a few minutes walk from our house. Here are some images taken along the river as snow finally came this past winter, then started to melt, then froze again – and round and round – resulting in some nice ice formations.

The snow was late coming this winter but the first snowfall dusted the tree branches with white
A small bit of snow covers the ice that began forming along the river’s edge
A closer look at the ice forming along the edge of the river
The ice sheet along the water is slightly thicker
The ice with some miniature icicles
Layers and formations in the ice as it encloses parts of the river
Ice buildup covering large portions of the river with variety of ice shapes
Icicles forming on a log laying across the river
The ice buildup, even thicker, on the log across the river
Pretty ice islands
White snow and longer icicles
The ice reminds me of formations in a limestone cave
Under a bridge, the rushing water thickens the bottom of some icicles

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