Nature in Winter – A Close Look at Ice & Snow

Here is a collection of images from this past winter featuring ice and snow.

Ice on cold chain links
Ice crystals on a discarded glove
Wood grain and ice
A fence-top furry with ice crystals
Ice crystals on the shady side of a post
Shadows, fencing and ice
Ice on dangling plant life
Ice-covered branches hanging in front of a block wall
Icicles and rock
Icicles along a river
Ice along the water
Ice “daggers”
Different ice textures
Scalloped snow with icicles
More ice and icicles
Fancy ice shapes
Strange spherical snow crystals on a frozen, snow-covered lake
A field of “fluffy” ice crystals
Tiny ice “feathers” growing on a plastic bin
Ice on the front windshield of a random delivery truck

3 thoughts on “Nature in Winter – A Close Look at Ice & Snow

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment. (I loved that glove too. I couldn’t not take a pic.) Our winter was short this year – but it was long enough to provide some lovely forms of cold water.

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