Abstract – Animal, Mineral, Natural

Here are a collection of images that I think of as abstract – either because they truly can’t be made sense of at first glance or because they are things I attempted to capture in an alternative way.

Beaded water on a shower tile, image inverted

Long grass with its own ombré of fall colors

Peeling bark

Eye up close with focal plane on lashes

Wooden platform on faceted rock

Reflection of a pier in the rippling fjord

Side on view of a diving platform on a foggy day

Cooled, charred wood

Bubbles in ice in a bowl outside

Buoy in a frozen lake covered with a blanket of snow

Random log that appears (to me) to be pierced by daggers

Peeking swan in snowy landscape

Ice crystals on a seashell

Layers of trees with snowy branches

Rock facet

Ladybug having a drink on a raisin (with raisin removed in processing)

Ridges on a shell

Magpie on wire

Crossed logs covered with snow

Small buoys on the fjord in thick fog

Another view of bubbles in ice

Spiky ice crystals on a rubber tire

Metal treads on a big snow tractor

A shelf of ice in nature

An artistic climbing structure in central Oslo

The blue iris of my budgie

Tree trunk

A grassy slope sandwiched between foggy sky and gravel road

Last look at bubbles in ice

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