Oslo – Street Views & People in Nature

Here are images that I group together as “street” – which typically depict people going about their outdoor business around town or, as Oslo includes forest and fjord, in nature.

Cyclists on a fairly new path along Hvervenbukta

Emergency vehicles at a dock on Fornebu

Ice skating on a local bit of ice in Ljan

Workers re-marking a crosswalk outside a school

Someone popping a wheelie near Østensjøvannet

Sitting high at a parkour park at Bekkelagsbadet

A roller skier and jogger exercise on a path near the Fornebu business district

Politi take off after a quick practice landing on a field near Ekebergparken

A group of people sit, ice fishing, on frozen Nøklevann

Enjoying a rope swing in the forest next to Nærevannet

A lone kayaker stays ahead of the clouds on the Oslo fjord

I thought this was the cutest scene….

Workers spread some fresh asphalt in the Hvervenbukta parking lot

Smoke rises from a group’s campfire in the Østmarka

A carpenter walks through an art installation outside the Telenor building

Upside down in a mass of buoys at Filipstadkaia

Can you spot the ice bather in the cold water at Hvervenbukta?

A man with a chainsaw high up on a birch tree in Ljan

A small crowd share a view with Chloe (a sculpture) on an overlook at Ekebergparken

Two backlit figures bookend a statue of Fridtjof Nansen in Nansenparken

A duo of “Nordic walkers” on a path near Grønmo

Looking out from the new stairway connecting Sørenga bro to Middelalderpark

Someone biking across the frozen lake, Nøklevann

A boy watches the new marking underway as he uses the crosswalk

Skating in the thick fog

A fireman checks the back of the fire truck

Urban runners on Ullevålsveien near St Hanshaugen park

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