Oslo Views – Sunsets

We are lucky to bear witness to some spectacular sunsets where we live, especially in late winter/early spring. Here are some of the more colorful and dramatic sunsets, all taken from our house in the Ljan suburb of Oslo. These are the evenings I wish I had taken a walk down to the fjord to make the most of the drama.

The clouds were in a ripple formation and burned intensely at the tail end of this sunset

These cotton candy clouds were pink against a baby blue sky over the neighbor’s roofline

We had a huge sky filled with mammatus clouds that caught first in pink

Interesting cloud formations tinted pink behind the tall pines

An orange glow framed by purple clouds backlit a house and trees up on a hill west of our house

Mellow pinks and blues in waves to the southwest

A softer glow is seen here in these striated clouds, looking east

This was a sunset last November that was so intensely red that I had a hard time processing the image

Lines of pinkish orange and blue behind a tall thuja bush in our yard

Strings of puffy pink cotton seen over a hill to the south

Last glowing lines of clouds over the ugly light pole to the southwest of our property

The clouds turned a more intense pink on the evening with mammatus clouds

Softly colored clouds over another neighbor’s rooftop

This was the last, intensely colored glow of those mammatus clouds behind that house up on the hill

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