Nature – Birds and Animals

Here are some images of various birds and animals seen around Norway, with most from neighborhoods in Oslo.

This cat I saw in the Fornebu neighborhood was huge (with an attitude to match)

I love the wings of this swan in the inner fjord in the Sørenga neighborhood

This young cow in Buerdalen was soaking wet, and looked miserable, on a grey and rainy day

A seagull flies low enough over the rippled Oslo fjord to cast its reflection

A cat from the neighborhood was waiting in the bushes near one of our bird feeders – use caution my feathered friends

Various water birds, including a shag, are perched on a fog-shrouded Selskjær island in the Oslo fjord

A young pig in the straw at Søndre Aas Gård, a farm in the suburbs of Oslo

The back view of a bokfink (or chaffinch) on a path in the park surrounding the Royal Palace in Oslo

This cute colt was born the morning this pic was taken at Søndre Aas Gård – happy birthday, literally!

A frog peeps out of the water at the edge of lake Vientjern

This duo of wood pigeons is nesting near our house and are often found perched on this ugly light pole

A horse enjoying the spring sun on its back at Søndre Aas Gård

A swan, close-up in the water near a pier at Fornebu

Sheep on the grass, sheep amongst the rocks in the village of Nesflaten

A juvenile swan from above, with water droplets, in the water at Fornebu

A white horse also enjoying the spring day at Søndre Aas Gård

A crow, mid-caw, on a lamppost in central Oslo

A large group of frogs laying and fertilizing eggs at water’s edge at Vientjern

Two young lamps play together at Søndre Aas Gård

A view of the chaffinch from the front, displaying its rust-colored breast

A mama pig sleeps through her piglets’ scampering, oinking and feeding

A swan in the snow at Hvervenbukta strand

Our neighbors’ cat peers out from the bushes

A trio of razorbills and a small lighthouse in thick fog over the Oslo fjord

Another wet cow bellows her displeasure at the weather in Buerdalen

Two swans in synchrony on the Oslo fjord

A dog who desperately wants to play, peers through a fence in the Jomfrubråten neighborhood

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