Norwegian Nature – Trees in the Four Seasons

I’ve been collecting images of trees. Lots of trees. Too many trees. Trees with bare branches, trees with bright fall leaves, trees with frosty boughs, with spring flowers, etc. Here are (many) images of trees throughout the year around Oslo and beyond.

Bare branches in front of the tower of Vålerenga Kirke

My favorite large oak tree at Hvervenbukta strand in early fall

Frosty branches in the Karlsrud neighborhood

Tree trunks in the snow in the forest near Alnsjøen

A sad specimen, yet magnificent all the same, near Sæteren Gård

This tree caught my attention, with graceful branches and delicate leaves

This pine in my son’s school heard was covered in frost

These bare trees have branches that remind me of lightning

A closer look at the turning leaves of my favorite oak at Hvervenbukta

Three bright, colorful trees in a yard in our neighborhood in Ljan

A bare tree leans over the water at Hvervenbukta strand

Trees just starting to get their spring leaves at Fiskevollen

Another frosty pine at Karlsrud Skole

A duo of bare trees at Nansenparken on a foggy winter day

Trees in bloom at Slottsparken

A row of bare trees near an estate on Fornebu

The fallen leaves of an Acer in someone’s yard in my neighborhood take precedence over the actual tree in this shot

My favorite oak at Hvervenbukta with a dusting of snow

A line of trees border a planted field in Kråkstad

Bare trees at Akershus Festning

A tree down the street with an ombré effect

Bare branches looking up at a hot air balloon near Bærum

Cherry blossom near the Bar Code

A thrush amongst the crazy branches of these trees at Hvervenbukta strand

Ice at Middelalderparken behind tall trees

Red gate, red leaves in Nordstrand

Four trees at Nansenparken

Snow-covered pines on a mountainside at Mylla

A bare Birch backlit by the sunset at Hvervenbukta strand

Various shades of flowers bloom at Slottsparken

A walkway flanked by trees at Nansenparken

Frosty pine needles

A grove of trees near a statue of dronning Maud at Slottsparken

I’m a sucker for backlit branches

A pretty tree turning behind a white picket fence in Nordstrand

I came upon this bizarrely growing tree at Mylla

A frosty duo

A magpie peeks out from this tree on Malmøya

This tree in Nansenparken had a variety of neon-colored lichen on its trunk

A grove of trees beginning to leaf out along E18

More backlit bare branches

The sun shines through these fall leaves near the pavilion at Hvervenbukta

A large tree with a lovely shape at Ekebergparken

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