Oslo Nature – Birds Seen in our Garden

We have a number of bird feeders in our yard in Oslo and I have spent the last few months collecting images of the different birds we have seen this late winter and spring. I include (lots of) images of the blue tit, the blackbird, the great tit, the nuthatch, the wood pigeon, the robin, the starling, the sparrow and the greenfinch.

One of my favorites, the blue tit, is a very acrobatic little bird

This fellow has a bit of a tuft on its head

This blue tit is ready to select a sunflower seed

I love these blue tits

This blue tit has some nam-nam

The tits love to hang from and eat the meisboller we put out and I took this image through our living room window

It was a really rainy day when this blue tit came to scrounge some sunflower seeds in this almost empty feeder

But there was at least one sunflower seed left and this blue tit decided to crack it right here on the feeder

This male blue tit has a juicy caterpillar for its mate

This female blue tit kept landing on the decorative cross-beams on the window of our patio door and for a while we did not understand why

(Yes, the window is VERY dirty!) But we realized that she was laying eggs in a bird house we have close by!

Her mate would go off and return with a tasty treat for her and wait on this electrical cord (left over from plugging in outdoor Christmas lights)

The female would come out of the nesting box and retrieve her delicious worm

The tits also love peanuts and this one feeds on a rainy day

Love those peanuts!

Back in late winter, we had a pair of blackbirds visiting for a bit of seed we tossed out on a snow-covered table: here is the female

The male blackbird enjoyed the seeds as well

Here is the great tit, hanging out on our budding tree…

…before flying up to land on the pipe coming down from our roof gutter…

…and finally flying up to feed its mate, presumably, up in a space in the roof

The great tit also came to our feeders for sunflower seeds

This great tit decides to grab some peanut

The nuthatch came in the rain…

….and grabbed a sunflower seed

Another nuthatch grabs a seed….

….before getting ready to take off again

We get wood pigeons all the time in the garden. They snarf down the sunflower seeds whole

Back in the spring we had a robin visiting

With its redbreast

It came daily for a while….

Even in a long day of heavy rain. But we haven’t seen much of the robin since the temperatures have gone up.

I had never seen starlings in the garden but when I suddenly did, I managed to grab my camera and get a pretty bad shot of one.

Of course we have house sparrows and tree sparrows….

…and even had some nesting in our roof

So there were a lot of young sparrows that were still getting some food from mom and dad. Here a greenfinch looks on at feeding time.

The greenfinch seemed to like spending a bunch of time at our feeders….

…and here are three of them (two males and a female, I believe)

They spent a lot of time especially on the rainy days

And even hung out on the other feeder with crumbs from the meisboller around its beak

I believe this is a juvenile greenfinch, due to its spots

A last look at the young greenfinch

8 thoughts on “Oslo Nature – Birds Seen in our Garden

  1. Wonderful! It’s fun to see a few birds I remember from Germany – the tit, the robin. And we have house sparrows and starlings in the US, thanks to someone who introduced them in NYC a long time ago. Now they are everywhere. We have a nuthatch, too, that looks a lot like yours. Ours loves coming to the feeder. And our Chickadees, which look a little like the tit, also love the sunflower seeds and suet. Your photos are great – I know it’s not easy to photograph birds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heh heh, yes the images took a while to collect – I had to be patient and I kept my camera at the ready by the window. Thanks for your comment! I’ll have to check up on what chickadees look like (I’ve heard of them but wouldn’t know one if I came across it). 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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