Norwegian Summer – Along the Coast in Herføl

During our first summer trip, in which we stayed on the island of Vesterøy in Hvaler, Norway, we spent a day walking along the coast of an island in the south of the archipelago called Herføl on a windy, cloudy day.

We started along the coast on the south of the island where we found some coves with a few red outbuildings and a vertically-striped varde (or large cairn used as a navigation marker)

One sight we definitely wanted to see was Katedralen (the Cathedral), a pothole formed by the sea

Small rocks on the beach give way to larger smooth boulders in the water

A view of another iconic sight on the island: Linnekleppen is painted with horizontal stripes and stands 32 meters high, with the varden itself 9 meters tall

Walking along the coast in the grassy south of the island, with a family of sea birds in the distance

Going along the western coast, there are slabs of rock. Here a sailboat is seen in the distance.

Linnekleppen seen from the west

A red outbuilding, rock, water and clouds

A part of a lone, windblown tree has a nice view of the sea

Here, one can see how high the rocky hill is that Linnekleppen is perched upon

Lots of smoothed rocks live along the shore. Rain showers are off along the horizon.

A crevice in the large stone slabs looks out to sea

A smooth peninsula invades the water

Hiking up to the navigation marker, Linnekleppen for a view

A large tide pool in the rocky slab with ocean beyond

A view of Linnekleppen from the north where grasses and wildflowers are growing

Walking along the rock slabs

A long exposure smooths out the water around the rocky shore

Another look at Katedralen

A last look at Linnekleppen and its rocky throne

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