Norwegian Summer – Fusa

We stayed along the water for a week this summer – a ferry ride away from the outskirts of Bergen – in a village called Fusa.

A view of mountains across the water from the hytte we stayed in

Farmland between the main road and the fjord

Clusters of islands

Our walk along the main road led us to find a hidden gem: an open farm butikk that sold fresh baked goods and coffee

Small boat, large mountains

Red rorbu, blue mountains

That same view from our hytte, this time with more angry clouds

A distant sailboat is swallowed by the blue

Clouds and turquoise sky above the hills

Slanting rays of light viewed from the hytte

The sun, about to set, cast a rainbow of colors on the water

The island cluster is backlit by the last light through the marine layer

Lights at dusk in the villages outside Bergen

The same view: at dusk and with noctilucent clouds

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