Norwegian Summer – A Walk Up the Beaches of Jomfruland

While we were staying a week near Kragerø, we decided to take a day trip on a ferry over to a long, flat barrier island called Jomfruland. We walked up part of the east side of the long island along the coast on what started out as a very overcast, rainy and windy day. Most of the trek was over varying sizes of smooth, round rocks – making for an interesting spectacle but for a more difficult jaunt.

A view from the ferry as we approached the island

A grassy field near the quay hosted some grazing cows

When we made our way over to the eastern edge of the island we saw rocks, rocks and more rocks

There were a few rocks that stood out – this striped rock in particular caught my attention

We headed north-ish over the rocks past this cove

Looking back where we had already traveled, you can see that the size and type of rocks changed as we progressed

A look over some plant life towards the horizon

Occasionally we happened upon slabs of rock

Looking over a tide pool in this rock towards a big ship at the horizon

From the edge of the rock slab, we could see a group of eider ducks bobbing

As we neared the northern tip of the island, the trees grew nearer to the water

Looking back again over all the rocks we treaded over

A big boulder dwarfs the rocks surrounding it

Seabirds among the rocks in the still water in an inlet at the northern tip of the island

Back near the ferry quay, some children bathe in the shallow water on a beach with sand

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