Oslo & Bergen – Street Scenes

These images were taken on the “streets” around either Oslo or Bergen. (Minus two which were taken in nature.)

Woman in red in the Frogner neighborhood of Oslo

Walking by graffiti on Sørenga Bro in Oslo

Colorful kayaks on the water by Oslo’s Sørengakaia in early evening

As advertised….

Bricks, bricks, bricks and a figure in black creeping in Høvik

Grunerløkka in Oslo’s Bispevika, with a bicycle delivery person to boot

Along the waterfront by the new Munch Museum in Oslo

One way street in Pilestredet in Oslo

Colorful scene in the Kampen neighborhood of Oslo

Texting next to the monolith in Vigelandsparken in Oslo

Leaping on Grubbegata in Oslo

Young boy mowing in Vesterøy in Hvaler

Kick-cycling in the Torshov neighborhood of Oslo

A pair of men in their cups in Bergen

Cobbles, colors and cooing in Bergen

Window shopping with a friend in Bergen

Coffee and conversation in Bergen

Four legs on a kick-cycle in Bergen

Ziplining overhead at the Oslo Klatrepark

Colorful duo and a rocky beach on Jomfruland

Two small girls and a statue-esque woman by a fountain at Rådhusplassen in Oslo

Walking by the new National Museum in Oslo

Tai chi with “weaponry” in Vigelandsparken in Oslo

Cyclist and car meet on the cobbles in Frogner

Lone kick-cycler on the roof of the Oslo Opera

Little boy blue, hiding behind a tree in Slottsparken in Oslo

Amongst pipes in Høvik

Postman Pat matches the door in Gamle Oslo

Man in a wooden boat near Sørengakaia in Oslo

Walking by graffiti on Oslo gate

Four in a row on Neuberg gate in Oslo

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