Norwegian Geology – Rock & Rock Formations

Here are some images of geological subjects from around Norway that I found interesting or unusual. All pictures were shot on beaches near the ocean or fjord.

Smooth rock with tiny tide pool in Hvaler

Interesting conglomerate stripes in these large rocks along Høvik strand

Fracturing rock on a Maløya beach

Veins of rock running through a slab in Stangnes

Texture and crevices along the beach on Malmøya

Pink veins in a rock slab on Jomfruland

Texture and shadows on the Malmøya beach

Blue with dark blue colored crevices at Høvik strand

Swirls of black and white along the coast at Stangnes

Jagged edges along the water on Malmøya

Large stripes of black through light colored rock at Stangnes

Texture and patterns on Malmøya

More swirling patterns at Stangnes

Slants and texture on Malmøya

Lots of black running through this rock slab at Stangnes

More texture on Malmøya

Lots of stripes on this slab of rock on the coast of Jomfruland

Dramatic layers on a peninsula in the Oslofjord at Fornebu

A large striped vein on the coast of Jomfruland

Layers of texture on Malmøya

A partial pothole in the rock of Hvaler along the coast

A thick segment of texture rock on Malmøya

More marbling in Stangnes

Crevices form an abstract “A” on Malmøya

Smooth rock with varying colors at Stangnes

A gradation color on Malmøya

One large stripe of rock at Stangnes

Slanted rock layers on Malmøya

Stripes along the water at Stangnes

Orange-tinged layers on Malmøya

Colorful water-smoothed rocks on the beach in Hvaler

Another small tide pool in smooth Hvaler rock

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