Norwegian Nature – A Macro Look at Insects

Here is a compilation of macro shots of some visiting critters – okay, insects – collected over the past few months.

A fuzzy bumblebee drinking from white blossoms

A hover fly drinking from the stamen of a lily

A female speckled bush cricket, cold from the morning temp, that I set on some colored construction paper after taking her out of the house

Side view of a rufous grasshopper hanging out in a bush

A dragon fly on a floating log at the lake by Tryvannstua

The speckled bush cricket still hanging out, now outside on the back deck

A small tortoiseshell butterfly who had landed on the edge of a manhole cover

The hover fly taking a deep drink of lily

This pretty autumn green carpet moth was resting on a pair of jeans hanging to dry in the laundry room

A second dragonfly joined the first to lay some eggs in late summer

I had taken the speckled bush cricket out from the house using a glass tumbler

Another shot of a (the same?) bumblebee having another drink

I found this perspective of the autumn green carpet moth amusing – in my mind it looked a bit “hung over”

Another view of the hover fly

A closer view of the small tortoiseshell butterfly reveals golden dust

It was fun to watch this female speckled bush cricket rub her face, her legs and antennae as she warmed up in the early sunshine

Another look at one of the dragonflies that were buzzing and landing around the lake at Tryvannstua

A look at the rufous grasshopper head-on

A final view of my favorite speckled bush cricket

The hover fly is hovering in this last look

A last look at this thirsty bumblebee

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