Abstract in Norway – Inside, Outside & Up

Here is a collection of images that I think of as abstract. They are, for the most part, alternative views of nature, city, the mundane, and architectural elements.

Water coming over a dam at Øyungen, frozen by the camera

An overhang of the modern, new Deichman Library in central Oslo

Dew drops and micro droplets on a leaf in my backyard

Interesting cloud textures lit up by a winter sunset

A look upward at lighting fixtures shining on a skylight covered in condensation in a public restroom at Utsikten

Cross eye-inducing lines from air vent grating on part of the new Munch Museum in Oslo

Gills of a tiny mushroom found in the garden

Bubbles in and yellow dots on a plastic spray bottle of a cleaning agent

Walking along an underpass in Skøyen, I came face to face with 😮

These budded flowers on an island in Hvaler blurred into lines and circles

Shapes and lines of red rorbu and their reflections in Eikangervåg

A close look at Bruno the sheep’s eye and horn on the island of Fedje

An alternative view of my household cleaner

Platforms set up over the Oslo fjord from the roof of the Opera for a diving event

Random feather and shoe floating near Sukkerbiten

The outside edge of a block of ice in our backyard

A stack of bright, colored glitter-foam that has been radially blurred

A very cold millipede found under a rock in the garden

Looking past the detail of a structure at the Utsikten lookout on Gaularfjellet

Barnacles on an oyster at Høvikstranda

Silver blue light on a conical sink in that same public restroom at Utsikten

A bit of play with sudsy bubbles over some brightly colored glitter foam

The cold temperature effects of a fern frond brought inside for inspection

A detailed look at siding on the new Munch Museum in Oslo

Looking up at a different set of lights shining up on a concrete ceiling in that public restroom at Utsikten

Stippled clouds at sunset in my neighborhood

A dew drop on a blade of grass in the back yard

Stairs twirling down from an ugly parking structure

An alternative view of the water coming over a dam at Øyungen with a longer exposure

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