Fall Break – Views Around Sogndal

During fall break this year, we stayed in a rented cabin that is up the valley from Sogndal, Norway. Here are some views from that area, either from the cabin itself, the road leading up the mountain or areas closer to the town of Sogndal.

A view from the bottom of the small road that winds up to the area with cabins

A view of a little island “Øyna” in waters of the inner Sognefjord called Storasundet

View from the cabin to the south where one can see the antennae, called Storehogen, on a mountain which lies across Sognefjord

Mist over Sogndalselvi, the river which runs down towards Sogndal

Bright afternoon view towards the area where we stayed from a neighboring mountain peak

Long exposure of a mountainside at twilight from the cabin

Someone was doing construction further up the mountain from us and they took buckets of cement from this staging area off the little road to the site by helicopter

From the cabin, we could see the helicopter flying the cement (amongst other things) back and forth over the trees

Views from farms and fields near the top of the world

Another morning of mist over the river

Another look south from the cabin in the evening

Looking down at the Loftesnes bridge which crosses the fjord at the edge of Sogndal

Looking from the road to the cabin down the valley towards Sogndal

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