Fall Break – Views of Inner Sognefjorden

Back in October, we spent a week staying near Sogndal, which is on Sognefjorden. Here are some views of that fjord, most of them taken on a few different days from the electric ferry that takes cars on Highway 5 across Sognefjorden from Fodnes to Mannheller.

Bare areas, presumably from rock slides and water runoff, seen down the side of one of the large mountains surrounding the fjord

One of the trips we took was on a really foggy day where the mountains were hugged by the moisture

You can see the sister ferry over near the Fodnes dock

Again, one can see the sister ferry, closer to the Mannheller dock, as well as the large antennae, Storehogen, on the mountain near Sogndal Airport

This cloudy view was from the small town of Balestrand, further west in the inner Sognefjorden

Looking a different direction on that really foggy day – the clouds were almost like cobwebs

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