Fall Break – Views from a Roadtrip to Gaularfjellet

Last October when we stayed a week near Sogndal, we drove on a National Tourist Route up a mountain called Gaularfjellet to stop at a viewpoint called Utsikten. Here are images from that (foggy) trip – of Gaularfjellet and more.

The view from Utsikten was limited by fog and cloud

From the Utsikten viewpoint, we could look down at the hairpins of the highway we had just driven up

A stone structure next to Nystølsvatnet seen on our drive “home”

A few scrubby trees braving life on the edge of the treeline

Rivulets of water finding their way through the fog into a lake

A view of Jølstravatnet in Sunnfjord

Our last view of the same lake, Jølstravatnet, seen here from Vassenden right before E39 heads into a tunnel

7 thoughts on “Fall Break – Views from a Roadtrip to Gaularfjellet

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words (and for stopping by)! And I’m happy to hear you enjoyed yourself in Norway when you visited. (I have to say that being “stuck” somewhere during a pandemic – and having all of our travels lately be within these borders – sure has been made easier being in a country with such wonderful nature.)

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  1. So awesome… our camper van can’t wait to climb up these roads. Again beautiful scenery and images. Reminds me of New Zealand. But Norway is in driving distance and obviously as spectacular as NZ. Happy days. Reinhold

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    1. Thanks so much! Oh, New Zeland – have you been? It looks majestic on an even larger scale than Norway’s own majesty, although I’ve only ever seen it in images and movies. (I wonder how the roads in NZ compare – if they are as bad – as some of them are here 😉.)

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      1. We spent 5 weeks in NZ in 2014 and 4 weeks in 2016. The roads on the south island could be bad to very bad. But you can reach nearly all destinations with a normal car… at least we did. Awesome country and super friendly people. I think Norway will be awesome too. Looking forward to travel. If we ever return to normal one day. Happy days. Reinhold

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