Fall Break – A Look Around Kaupanger

During the week in October when we stayed near Sogndal, in an attempt to drive up to the large antennae, Storehogen, we ended up seeing some sights around and from the village of Kaupanger.

You can see, on the right of the image, the large antennae, Storehogen, that we could see from our cabin rental (from far on the other side), here viewed from Kaupanger

This is as close a view as we got of the antennae, as the road ended up being restricted once we reached the little airport Sogndal Lufthavn

We did get a lovely view of this large mountain, Bleia

A sign along Sognefjorden pointing the way to a camping site

A view of the Kaupanger Stave Church

A lone boat in the fjord and some colorful rorbu along the far shore

8 thoughts on “Fall Break – A Look Around Kaupanger

    1. Hi! Glad you enjoyed the brief “visit” in the Kaupanger area. ☺️ I live in Oslo, but we stayed near Kaupanger – in the mountain north of Sogndal – for one week last fall. It was really beautiful, especially with the fall colors. Thanks for the comment and question!


      1. Lucky you! I have visited Norway many times and if I lived closer, would jump at the chance to do so again. (I am in Australia).
        What is your favourite spot in Norway, if you coukd pick one, or two?

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      2. Wow, that’s a long trip here from down under! I’d love to see Australia but have not gotten to the Southern Hemisphere in my travels. You ask a difficult question about Norway. We have traveled so many places within the country and most are just so beautiful. I think I prefer the mountainous coastlines and fjords the best. Notable areas are the Sogndal area I’ve been most recently posting about but the area around Stryn is great, as is the area around Roldal and also Odda. I guess I don’t have a true favorite. ☺️ And you? Any real favorites here?


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