Fall Break – Fog in Lærdal

Last October, we stayed for a week north of the town of Sogndal, Norway. On our last full day, we headed to the small village of Lærdal and spent some time wandering along Lærdalsela, a river heading away from the town. Here are a handful of images from that foggy, moody day.

Cloud falling in amongst the fall-colored trees

A sheep on a flat, grassy field along the river

An arm of another valley with a bit of fog tucked away

A steep mountainside with diagonal lines of bright trees and misty cloud

Drama, drama, drama

Curves: the stone wall, tree-speckled hills and cloud all undulate gently

A last look at tree-covered mountains with pillows of cloud

8 thoughts on “Fall Break – Fog in Lærdal

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Yes, Norway in the fall is so lovely (and makes even the dreary days colorful) – I definitely recommend adding fall to your “seasons seen” list if you ever plan to return for a visit.


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