Fall Break – Heading Home to Oslo

Last October, we spent a week near Sogndal, Norway. Here are some images from our drive back home to Oslo over Sognefjellet.

We headed up a toward mountain called Sognefjellet and here we are looking through the fog down to a village called Fortun

On the top of Sognefjellet, above the tree line, there is an almost “moonscape”of rocks — colored by ground-cover and covered in fog and mist

Here, mist rises up from small mini-ponds of melt water

There is a rest-stop called Mefjellet where, on a clear day, one could see the glacier in the distance — but we could only really see the stone “sculpture” located on a path near the stop

The sculpture is a rock whose innards have been carved out, presumably to “frame” the scenery in a creative way

Our panorama view was attenuated by the low clouds and mist

Coming down the other side of the mountain on Sognefjellsvegen towards a river valley

In the middle of nowhere we came upon a few cabins along the road

Down near the town of Lom, we were back below the tree line and the fall colors dotted the low mountain between the pines

Near Ottadalen, we drove next to a large river flanked by rolling farmland

5 thoughts on “Fall Break – Heading Home to Oslo

  1. I have travelled to Norway but have never seen it in Autumn. It is so different! The yellow orange foliage is stunning and so loud on the landscape! Sognfjellet is an are of stunning natural beauty. I have not seen this stone frame either. It is so grating amongst the pristine mountain top and yet so clever!

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    1. Thanks for visiting my post and for your comment. If you ever have a chance, I most definitely recommend experiencing fall in Norway. I feel lucky every time I have a chance to see the colorful foliage (I grew up in Phoenix so never had the experience of leaves turning until I was an adult living in NYC).


      1. Thank you. Similarly, as an Australian living in the tropics, there is no chance of any Autumn leaves around here. So I very much appreciate the chance to see them. I have seen some once in Japan in November. That was a delight.

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