Oslo Night Views – The Moon and Northern Lights

I’ve lived in Oslo for almost 20 years and other than from an airplane at night flying over the North Sea, I have never seen the Aurora Borealis with my own eyes with my feet on the ground. In recent years, I installed an app on my phone to alert me when Aurora activity is high enough that seeing the northern lights in my area was a (slim) possibility. Because we have dark nights for only a part of the year this far north, and because we unfortunately have numerous cloudy nights, I never ventured out to see the Aurora when alerted in the past. It always seemed to be cloudy. Or, on the occasional clear night, really cold (and I could not encourage anyone else to join me in this wild goose chase).

This winter, however, my luck changed! In January, when alerted to high activity, I checked the Aurora map and it was SO INTENSE I was motivated to check our local weather, which happened to be mostly clear. We headed out, under an almost full moon, to a local beach that looks towards downtown Oslo, thinking there was no way to see anything with the city light pollution as well as a bright moon overhead. We were wrong! I first had to convince my partner in crime that we were seeing green (my camera certainly could see it after my eyes picked it out) but after a time the Aurora got so intense we could easily see it dancing over the Oslo fjord with our own eyes. It was amazing! That night was really something special. Since then, we have gone out two other times to the same location and, while we did see the faint green of the northern lights, it wasn’t as special or as intense as the first night.

Here are a few images of the Aurora Borealis from that first night, an image of a crescent moon with earthshine illuminating the rest of the visible side of the moon on the second night we went out (and found only a very faint haze of northern lights – not worth posting here), and a last image from the third night we looked for our friend the Aurora Borealis

Shapes of the northern lights dancing over the Oslo fjord, on 15 Jan, with the city lights in the distance

The first sign of green we saw over a local cafe at Hvervenbukta called Anne På Landet

Of course the really intense green came just as we were considering leaving (I had been sitting in the snow for well over an hour) and we had to stay, of course!

The second time we went to Hvervenbukta to see the norther lights, 4 Feb, the moon was the star

On 5 March, we went again to see the Aurora (me with a longer lens this time) and she was there but only as a vague green haze – she hadn’t put her dancing shoes on this time

8 thoughts on “Oslo Night Views – The Moon and Northern Lights

      1. My whole being ignited with joy as I read your account. This too is my dream to experience. Thanks for sharing with us.


  1. I was in Iceland and only saw the green haze depicted in your lady photo. The cloudy nights really get in the way of seeing the lights. I wondered if you’d ever get bored of seeing them living in the North, so I asked my Icelandic friend and of course they said no. Never boring.

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