Oslo Views – Hvervenbukta Strand in Winter

One of the local beaches close by, Hvervenbukta, has walking trails, a lovely fjord view and even a cafe that sells warm drinks and fresh baked goods. Here are some images I’ve snapped over the past few winter months.

One of many views of the iconic “pavilion”, all that remains of a fancy homestead (mansion) that has since all but disappeared

There are always ducks and seagulls to be found, along with other sea birds

A view from the southern beach across the cove

The cafe opens at 11am – if we decide to walk to the dog here, we arrive in time to be first in line for some warm to-go beverages (and maybe a baked good)

The main walking trail spends half of its time along the water

Cold weather, warm breath exhalation

Fresh snow dumped on Hvervenbukta and beyond to the western suburbs of Oslo and beyond, seen in the distance

Another image of the pavilion. This one in B&W.

Looking over hibernating shrubs to cloud-covered water

Someone seems to have misplaced their boots

I can’t not take a pic of bright buoys, especially when they are the bright portion on an extremely foggy vista

A brisk wind was attempting to blow the clouds away

After following the coastal part of the path northward, one can normally see downtown Oslo. On this day, only the two radio towers on the top of Holmenkollen mountain peek above a cloud blanket

Looking through the trees towards Malmøya and the other group of islands between Hvervenbukta and central Oslo

On this visit, the clouds were high enough to reveal central Oslo and one can easily make out the large ski jump

A duo of buoys looking a little lovey-dovey

Large rocks dot the beach and are themselves dotted with snow

A couple walking on the main beach at low tide

The beach is covered in a blanket of snow

A bit of morning light breaks through the clouds blowing along

This day the wind worked to form some nice ripples on the water

The white, fluffy creature seems interested in the open cafe

A pair of swans flapped along the water’s surface

A view from the road above Hvervenbukta

A last look at the pavilion on a colorful winter morning

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