Scandinavian Sights – Doors

It’s time for another installment of “doors”. I occasionally find a door or entryway I find interesting enough to snap a pic of and tend to collect them until it’s time to post a handful. (Somehow most end up being church doors. The really modern doors make it into a differently catalogued post.) Here are some doors from around Oslo and Bergen in Norway and a recent trip to Stockholm, Sweden..

This house in an Oslo suburb had a colorful, cute door surrounded by flowers

Fancy hinges adorn this door into a church in central Oslo

Fancy grillwork protects these doors in the Södermalm neighborhood of Stockholm

Tall double doors stand guard at the entrance to the Oslo Tinghus (courthouse)

An old, weathered door in the old lighthouse tower on the island of Jomfruland

Double doors and fancy windows in an old church in Bergen

Double doors with fancy woodworking in central Oslo

Red doors with really fancy hinges in the neighborhood church in the Ljan suburb of Oslo

Another “number 6” in Stockholm, this time without the metal-worked outer doors

Old, worn arched doors in central Oslo

Doors under a fancy concrete arch at the Riddarhuset in Stockholm

Sets of wide doors in an old brick “dampkraft” building in Oslo

One door open into Mariakirken in Bergen

Someone greets visitors to this house in the old district of Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Wooden doors with fancy hinges on a church in the Södermalm district of Stockholm

A modern, pink door at the Vandelay (importer, exporter?) in downtown Oslo

9 thoughts on “Scandinavian Sights – Doors

  1. These images are wonderful. I am especially impressed by the decorative “fancy” hinges on so many of the doors that you photographed. It is amazing how something as functional as a door can also be an object of beauty.

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