Animals – Urban, Domestic & Zoo-tastic

Here is a collection of animal images. Some are merely cats and dogs seen about town, others are from two different zoos (one a lovely conservation zoo in southwest Sweden called Nordens Ark that houses exotic and endangered animals, the other a small zoo within the Skansen open air museum in Stockholm where most are Nordic animals), and a few – frogs in this case – swimming in a small local lake here in Oslo.

A horse in the sunshine at EKT in Oslo’s Ekebergparken

A little dog near the Gamla Stan metro entrance in Stockholm

A black cat with golden eyes crouches under a graffitied bin in the Vålerenga neighborhood of Oslo

A patient dog waiting outside a cafe in Oslo

A kitty trots towards an allergic me for a pet and rub in Oslo

Waiting for cuddles from my more attentive daughter who is just off the edge of the frame

A dog waits next to his best friend in Gamla Stan in Stockholm

A pig roots around the mulch in the Skansen open air museum in Stockholm

A sheep with a very large coat in Skansen

A grey wolf peeks from behind a tree trunk at Nordens Ark

A pallas cat peeks out at Nordens Ark

Looking down (from far above ) at the beautiful spots of a Persian leopard at Nordens Ark

A dhole lying far up on a rocky ledge at Nordens Ark

A second dhole looks askance

A snow leopard in the remains of a surprising snowstorm at Nordens Ark

The oh-so-cute face of a red panda high up in a tree at Nordens Ark

An Amur leopard at Nordens Ark

A maned wolf in the snow at Nordens Ark with surprisingly long legs

A baby Amur tiger climbing down a big tree trunk at Nordens Ark

Another look at the cute Amur tiger cub

A boar mom and one of her babies at Skansen

The rest of the baby boars had scampered over and into a sheltered area with hay at Skansen

The annual springtime frog mating at Båntjern lake in the mountains of Oslo

An overhead view of a male frog clinging to the larger female

This male hung out on my daughter’s hand for a while …

… and this guy just would not let go! He finally splashed back into the lake after realizing the hand was maybe not as attractive as he first thought.

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