Street Photography – Oslo & Stockholm

Here is a (large) collection of pics of “people on the street” taken around Oslo or Stockholm. In this collection, the images are not “artistic” but instead merely capture people (and dogs!) in various everyday (or not?) situations out and about.

A person looking down from above on the graffitied Nordenga bru bridge over the tracks of Oslo’s Sentral Stasjonen

A man sets down his beer in order to light up along the water in the Norr Mälarstrand suburb of Stockholm

A woman on her balcony in the Norr Mälarstrand neighborhood of Stockholm taking her own picture of something that caught her eye

People gaze out of the trikk passing on Kristian Augusts gate in Oslo

A man on a bike in the Södermalm neighborhood of Stockholm

Boys throwing snowballs on a spring Saturday at Bjølsen Skole in central Oslo

A duo plays pingpong while a man walks his dog in a park in the Södermalm neighborhood of Stockholm

A young man tries a trick on his board near the Oslo Rådhuset (City Hall)

A woman sunbathes outside the Freía Chocolate factory in Oslo

A pair of feet peek out a window on Strandvägen in Stockholm

Hanging upside down in a parkour park near Bekkelagsbadet in Oslo

A trio ascends stairs near a Gamla Stan subway entrance that lead up to the Centralbron bridge in Stockholm

Someone ascends some steps while a pigeon stays put in central Oslo

A woman checks her phone as she ascends a steep hill in the Södermalm neighborhood of Stockholm

A worker on some scaffolding takes a break Södermalm neighborhood of Stockholm

A worker gets to it in the Gamla Stan neighborhood of Stockholm

The masses enjoy a Sunday under the blooms outside a cafe in the Frogner neighborhood of Oslo

Facing the wrong way outside a very small door in a part of Södermalm neighborhood of Stockholm with very old wooden houses

One of His Majesty The King’s Guard near the Slott in Oslo

A tall man, dressed for an event, wanders by a construction site in central Oslo

Someone’s lost hugging animal waits for its owner’s return from a fork in a tree at Hvervenbukta in Oslo

Children from school attempt to grill hot dogs on engangsgrills (single use grills) but instead produce an absurd amount of smoke 😉

A fireman finishes putting out a hot blaze in a large metal and wood structure that houses 2 trash bins and a cardboard recycling bin near our house at midnight one night 😱

Attempting to entice a “best friend” to go ahead and quench its thirst from a kind watering hole outside a house in the Grünerløkka neighborhood of Oslo

An especially hairy customer in the window of a Frisör in the Gamla Stan neighborhood of Stockholm

A dog waits patiently outside a cafe at St Olavs plans in Oslo while people sit at the window inside

A best friend and a man stand near Stortinget in Oslo

A pair of very large, very fluffy, very white dogs do not seem to be able to break the ice between the duo seated on a bench in a park in Stockholm

A woman walks her dog near a church in the Södermalm neighborhood of Stockholm

A woman and her dog wait outside a cafe in the Kampen neighborhood in Oslo

A man enjoys his coffee while his best friend guards his back at Bekkelagsbadet near the Oslo fjord

A woman and her dog relax on the edge of the water near Stadhusbron in Stockholm

A dog bounds off a tree in Grønlanspark in Oslo

A man helps his young pup out of the water a Sørenga sjøbad in Oslo

A mustachioed man and his dog walk along a turfed football pitch in central Oslo

A man casts a shadow on a stone wall in the Tøyen neighborhood of Oslo

A pair of magpies take advantage of the situation our neighbor’s cat found herself in – they chattered angrily and swooped over her backside until she decided to make her way down the pole again

One of the (smaller) protests of the Russian war against Ukraine in front of the Parliament building in Oslo

Someone walking their baby in the Bjørvika neighborhood of Oslo

A woman shakes her rug out her window in the top floor of an apartment block in Oslo

People crossing the street in Bjørvika before the “walk” countdown ends in Oslo

Walking on the Västerbron bridge in Stockholm

Another look at a backlit figure on Nordenga bru in central Oslo

A couple walking by some pillars on a day with heavy fog over the fjord in the Tjuvholmen neighborhood of Oslo

5 thoughts on “Street Photography – Oslo & Stockholm

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment and I’m glad you enjoyed “the tour”, such as it was. 😉😊 (The flowers really were lovely to behold – we are lucky to have so many cherry and apple tree around the city!)


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