Oslo Nature – Cloudscapes

Here are some images of clouds I have collected, many seen from our house, others from around Oslo.

Billowing clouds, seen above the brick apartment structure that neighbors our yard

Soft clouds with winter’s weak afternoon light seen to the south of our house

Rain falling over central Oslo, as seen from our local beach, Katten strand

Happy puff of a cloud seen over the brick structure near our yard

Rows of cirrus radiates clouds seen late one winter afternoon from our house

Soft, soft clouds in an ombré of light over the Oslo fjord seen from Hvervenbukta strand near our neighborhood

Angry-looking clouds swirling over the ugly street lamp along the drive near our house

Okay, this scene of an anvil stormcloud is not from Oslo, it is from a place along the southeast coast of Norway near Portør

Lots of quick-moving clouds moved over our house last summer

A few, cute wavelets of Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds amongst other varieties over the fjord

Strange light and cloud patterns seen one spring evening from home

Tiny cloudlets reminiscent of a school of fish over the top of a neighborhood hill, seen from a second-floor window

Roiling mammatus clouds during a summer storm last year

A large cloud mass emerges up from behind that same neighboring brick building

Cloud formations dwarf the old Sjømannsskolen, up a ridge from the Oslo fjord recently

I loved the look of these small cloud formations in front of a thick cloud blanket seen recently over the fjord at Hvervenbukta strand

Finally, this unusual phenomenon of asperitas clouds rolled over our house last summer, seen here over that same brick building

5 thoughts on “Oslo Nature – Cloudscapes

    1. Thanks! It seems “they” are always finding names for “new” cloud types. Over the past couple of years, in trying to figure out what the most strange-looking clouds I see are, I have found myself on sites listing the “x-number” of rare or peculiar cloud types and realized that, living in Norway, I’ve been fortunate to see a fairly large set of those. Here’s to looking up! 😃

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  1. Clouds are endless fascinating to me. I love this collection, with so many different shapes shown in different kinds of lights. Blue skies are nice at times, but are not as interesting as cloud formations.

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